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****** NOTE: There will be no annual shows until further notice! ******

Please note: The annual show is members only.  The description below applies to the former shows held that were open to the public.

What is an annual show?

    An exhibition where there are hundreds of birds of many different varieties of canaries, finches, softbills, cockatiels, lovebirds, parrots and budgerigars.  Qualified sanctioned judges will judge many categories.
    Breeders from all over Canada, especially from Ontario and Quebec, also from the US, come to exhibit and compete for awards like trophies, plaques, rosettes and ribbons.  
    The public is welcome to view at any time.   During the time of judging on Saturday, between 10:00AM and 3:00PM, we ask that the public and all parties stay in a quiet, designated area near the judge’s stands.
Walking through the aisles will cause a disruption to the birds as well as the program.
Only stewards that are bringing the birds to the judge’s stand are allowed in the aisles.
The hall is usually open totally by 3 PM on Saturday until 6, and all day Sunday, 10 to 2:00.
     There will be vendors with many quality products and provisions. 
     This area will be accessible at all times.
     Raffles on  Sunday.

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Last updated: May 12, 2019