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Our membership and activities consist of:
  -  Members list including the birds that they breed and/or keep.
  -  Informative bulletins of club activities, articles on feeding, breeding, keeping, showing and  
     generally caring for our birds.
  -  What’s going on at other clubs,
  -  Bi-monthly meetings with occasional guest speakers. 
  -  Potluck Family luncheon in October.
  -  Canadian registered rings (leg bands) for newborn chicks, 5 to 12 days old.
  -  Club membership with the Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada
  -  Affiliation: Avian Preservation Foundation.
  -  Active member of the Eastern Canadian Bird Fanciers (all eastern clubs)
  -  C.I.T.E.S. - continuous updates
  -  Member of many specialty bird clubs, with continuous up to date information on specific and 
     different breeds (species)
  -  Special exhibition in the summer
  -  And much more…………

If you live in the Essex-Kent region of Ontario and wish to join please click the 'Email Us' Link, or you can fill out an application and mail it in - Application.

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Last updated: June 10, 2022