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Exotic Wings & Pet Things - Great little site based out of St. Clements Ontario. Looks like they have a lot of good stock. Definately worth a look if you live in Ontario and are looking for a bird!

National Finch & Softbill Society - Pretty self-explanatory of what the page is in the title. Great page with tons of information.

The Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada - A national Canadian organization consisting of avicultural societies, individual aviculturists and pet bird owners.

North American Cockatiel Society - Tons of information about cockatiels.

Parrots Ontario - Great site for Ontario Parrot Owners. Good forums and an excellent Classified section, as well as a plethora of links to other good bird sites as well as other bird clubs in Ontario and abroad, including ours! This is a must see for any Ontario parrot owner!

North American Parrot Society - Self-explanatory.

Parrot Club of Southwestern Ontario - In development, but looks promising.

Parrot Association of Canada - Breeding parrots for the preservation of the species.

Bird Hobbyist - This is a great site full of information, including great message boards.

My 'Toos - This is one of the best Cockatoo sitess out there. If you are thinking of getting a Cockatoo this site is a MUST SEE!

Bird Board - This is an excellent message board sitte.

Bird Recipes - A great little webpage with tonnes of recipes for healthy bird snacks and treats, your bird(s) will be glad you visited this page!

H.A.R.I. - (Hagen Avicultural Research Institute) Website dealing with the study of captive breeding of companion birds. Research fields include disease control, pair bonding, nutrition and the influence of temperature, humidity and light cycles on breeding.

Ralph Moore & Sons Since 1916 - First growers in North America, since 1939, of the finest Millet Spray,  still hand harvested. Top quality mixtures & the cleanest seed on the market.   Toll Free: 888-737-0049 Fax: 519-879-6448

Hagen - Supplier of bird products as well as many other pet products (fish, cats, dogs, reptiles and other small animals).

Zupreem - Supplier of bird food as well as many other exotics (ferrets, and zoo animals).

Hamilton & District Budgerigar Society Inc. - Budgie society in Hamilton. Lots of information!

Sylvester Aviaries - Club members site. Sells love birds, cockatiels, budgies and parrotlets.

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Last updated: August 19, 2019