Application  for  Membership to Essex-Kent Cage Bird Society

I/We hereby make application for membership in the “ESSEX-KENT CAGE BIRD SOCIETY”,

AND I/we do promise to abide by the Constitution, By-laws and Rules of the Society, to the best of my/our ability.

<>$30.00 Single, all Family or partners(same address)

$20.00 Junior member alone (17 yrs or younger)

<>Dues are payable on an annual basis. Not pro-rated. (January to December) 

Next year’s dues can be made from September on. 

<>NAME(S                                                                                                                                              <>





<>TELEPHONE (_____)________________________________Fax: (____)________________________________ <> 

E-mail:___________________________________________ Cell: (____)_______________________________

<>TYPE OF BIRDS:<>                                                                                                                                         
<>___________________________________________________________________________________________  <>
<>___________________________________________________________________________________________  <>
DATE:____________________________________        DUES PAID____________________________________




Mail to: Essex-Kent Cage Bird Society

            c/o Ernest Laframboise,

            1647 Jefferson Blvd.,

            Windsor, ON N8T 2V6