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Yard Sale?
Written by Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald

You never know what you will find at a yard sale. My hubby is addicted to yard sales. Usually, I get rather perturbed at what he brings home, but this time was different. He burst into the house. "Honey you have to see these birds." My father had passed away, and I was feeling lost. We cared for him for the final 14 years of his life. I really needed something to bring my spirits back up. I thought, "Right birds." I had a cockatoo for 21 years, and still had the cage in the garage.

Reluctantly, I let him lead me to Windsor's annual street yard sale. He was right they were beautiful. We ended up buying a pair. I had no idea how to raise cockatiels, but I did know how to care for a pet bird. So, I started researching everything I could find about cockatiels on the Internet, or as my brother calls it "The Oracle." (Insert errie music here.)

Well, these two birds were not going to wait for me to do my research. They almost immediately wanted to nest. Two months or less later (it's pretty much a blur now) we had 4 chicks.

My first clutch were hatched. I was in a panic I didn't know if they were getting enough food. Back to the Internet/Oracle I go. I try hand feeding these squawking babies yogurt of all things. Yup, somewhere I found that natural Yogurt is ok to feed them. Thankfully, I didn't kill them.

Still worried they will all die on me I find our local bird society president's phone number. Well you would have thought I called 911! Julianne answered the phone. She and Alfred were in my driveway in less than 2 minutes. They just happened to be en route home, and were 4 blocks away. We were still on the phone when they pulled into my yard! Alfred inspected the chicks, and said they were fine. My nerves were calmed, and I found a great group of wonderful people.

Cure For the Winter Blues?
Written by Sue Sylvester

        Even though we have been spared the snow this winter, many of us are suffering from grey days and cabin fever.  What greater spirit-lifter could there be than to have the springtime sounds of birds right in your home?    Canaries, finches, lovebirds, budgies, cockatiels and many others each provide their own happy voices.
    If you are a bird lover, bird hobbiest, or if a pet bird owns you, you already know the joy of having avian friends.  The Essex-Kent Cage Bird Society would like to invite you to share your bird interests with us.  Even if your experience with birds is quite limited, let us welcome you into the bird world.
    The Essex-Kent Cage Bird Society hosts monthly meetings and bulletins, a Young Feather Show in the spring, and an Annual show in the fall, as well as other social events. Our members enjoy sharing their experiences and insight into bird behavior and breeding.  Whether you are part of a large flock, have a single birdie buddy, or would just like to know more about our feathered friends, check out our web site, e-mail the secretary, or phone our president 519-948-6398.  Become an EKCBS member! 

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Last updated: March 26, 2012