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Genus/Species: Nymphicus hollandicus

Common Name(s): Cockatiel.

Adult Size: Ten to Thirteen Inches.

Life Span: Potentially up to 25-plus years.

Diet: Feed cockatiels a seed or pellet mix specifically designed for them. They should also recieve fresh vegetables and fruits. Cuttlebone is also recommended for calcium, as well as fresh clean water everyday.

Housing: Medium to large-sized cage with half inch bar spacing .

Male or Female?: Males have bright yellow cheeks with a dot of orange in the middle, while females are basically all gray.

Breeding: It's the male's duty to prepare the nest box. He will go inside, move around the pine shaving, then he'll chew on the nest box hole. He'll work on this diligently for about a week. Then and only then will he allow the female to enter. She'll go inside, and decide if it's up to her specifications. If both are in agreement, by the end of the second week the egg laying process will begin. It is important that the hole be large enough, but areas exposed for the bird to chew on as this is part of the mating process and is common in all birds. The eggs usually hatch in 18 - 21 days. All chicks are born with white down on them. Their eyes open in about 10 days.

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Last updated: February 19, 2006